Call stack tool

The call stack is the list of routines that have been entered during execution, but not yet exited since execution started. The list can be considered a stack structure, because before any routine, say my_routine, can exit, any routine that my_routine may have called must have exited first. Therefore the last entered feature is listed at the top of the stack and the program root feature is its bottom.

There is one level in the call stack, the currently selected element, that has a special status. It is the level to which all debugging tools refer. The currently selected element is, as you might guess, user-selectable. So it is possible to move along the call stack, changing the currently selected element, and view information in the debugging tools about any level..

To keep a record of a call stack (for example in order to indicate to other people where a problem occurred), you can save the call stack to a text file.

Information concerning the call stack is spread over several graphical components: