Release notes for EiffelStudio 20.11

Graphical environment

  • Made AutoTest compatible with void safety settings.
  • Added a pretty printer notification when the pretty-printed code is different from the current one.
  • Added preferences to control default values of CAT-call detection in the debugger and reporting in the console.
  • Added a new WrapC wizard (C wrapping utility)
  • The standard edition requires an account to sign in (see


  • Supported once classes.
  • Extended the message about successful compilation with a notification if warnings were detected.
  • Dropped obsolete syntax with exclamation marks (creation instruction and type attachment marks).
  • Decreased the number of false positives reported by the code analyzer for CA022 (unreachable code) violations.


  • Removed all the *-safe.ecf configuration files as they were obsoleted by capabilities introduced a few releases ago.
  • Improved the web CMS by removing various potential vulnerabilities, improving the web form API and the authentication system. Updated reCAPTCHA support to version 3.
  • Added a new library uri_launcher in library/runtime/process.
  • Extended the (unstable) base_extension library with classes for graphs, B-trees, and union-find.
  • Added 3 new wrappers for mpack, cairo, and rsvg C libraries (available via iron).

See change log for more details.

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