This is the Eiffel documentation site, with a wealth of resources on how to unleash the power of Eiffel. It is organized as a set of books:

  • Eiffel: the language and method. The Eiffel book includes:
    • Eiffel overview: to get a general idea of Eiffel, or refresh it if you haven't followed recent evolution.
    • Eiffel tutorials: step-by-step presentation of Eiffel concepts and constructs, including:
    • Language reference: Precise construct-by-construct descriptions.
    • Eiffel technical papers: tutorial presentations of specific Eiffel highlights, such as void safety and SCOOP (the concurrency mechanism).
  • EiffelStudio: the multi-platform development environment. The EiffelStudio book includes:
  • Solutions: EiffelStudio comes with numerous libraries, packages, and tools. The Solutions book includes:
    • Libraries: data structures, graphics, concurrency (SCOOP), networking...
    • Packages
    • Tools
  • Glossary: clear definitions of the concepts underlying Eiffel: feature, routine, attribute, contract...
  • FAQ: everything you always wanted to ask about Eiffel.

A number of sites outside of contain useful Eiffel resources. You can find a partial list on the "contribute" page.

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